Now That’s a Good Tune Re-released on CD

Now That's a Good Tune bookletNow That’s a Good Tune: Masters of Missouri Fiddling was originally issued in 1989 as a set of two LP records and a 64-page book by the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Missouri, Columbia. This newly revised edition was produced by Howard Marshall, Vivian Williams, and Phil Williams and includes 2 CDs packed with recordings of 13 Missouri fiddlers and a 98-page book. The fiddlers whose stories are featured in the book, and whose fiddling is heard on the CDs, are R. P. Christeson, Bill Eddy, Lyman Enloe, Gene Goforth, Carol Hascall, Vesta Johnson, Dean Johnston, Pete McMahan, Cyril Stinnett, Howe Teague, Charlie Walden, Bob Walsh, and Nile Wilson. The book also includes over 40 photographs and illustrations, and transcriptions for some of the tunes. This is a “must have” set for anyone interested in traditional fiddling in America and is available from Voyager Recordings.

The two accompanying CDs contain forty-nine tunes, as well as three stories told by fiddlers about a person they learned from or a tune they play. The tunes are well recorded in stereo and the original analog recordings were transferred to digital in Voyager Recording’s studio. The fiddlers and tunes on the two CDs are:
CD 1 – CAROL HASCALL: 1. Spotted Pony, 2. Eighth of January, 3. Heel and Toe Polka, 4. Whiskey Before Breakfast; VESTA JOHNSON: 5. Tennessee Wagner, 6. Orvetta Waltz, 7. Blue Flame, 8. Walking In My Sleep; GENE GOFORTH: 9. Dusty Miller, 10. Sail Away Ladies, 11. Rocky Road to Denver, 12. Wooden Shoe Story, 13. Billy in the Lowground; DEAN JOHNSTON: 14. Humansville, 15. Waldo, 16. Hickory Bow Story, 17. East Tennessee Blues; R.P. CHRISTESON: 18. Stone’s Rag, 19. Dallas Stamper Story, 20. Dallas Stamper Tune, 21. Bill Driver Tune, 22. Whoa Mule; NILE WILSON: 23. Tiehacker Rag, 24. Wes Muir’s Tune, 25. Tiehacker Tune No.2, 26. Little Whiskey
CD 2 – CYRIL STINNETT: 1. Johnny Don’t Come Home Drunk, 2. Jack Danielson’s Reel, 3. Big John McNeil, 4. Wake Up Susie; LYMAN ENLOE: 5. Hanging Around the Kitchen, 6. The Rough Scotsman, 7. Forgotten Waltz, 8. Call Your Dogs and Let’s Go Hunting; PETE McMAHAN: 9. Ford One-Step, 10. Ozark Mountain Waltz, 11. Pretty Polly, 12. Sally Goodin; BOB WALSH: 13. Black-eyed Peas and Cornbread, 14. Carroll County Blues, 15. White Water, 16. The Waltz You Saved for Me; HOWE TEAGUE: 17. Fourteen Days in Georgia, 18. White River, 19. Forked Deer; BILL EDDY: 20. Phyllis Gayle Breakdown, 21. Twinkle Little Star, 22. Leather Britches, CHARLIE WALDEN: 23. Old Rugged Cross, 24. Soldier’s Joy, 25. Bill Katon’s Reel, 26. Marmaduke’s Hornpipe.