Chris Jerup’s Polka in G and D

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Nate Kemperman, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, pump organ; David Cavins, tenor banjo

This tune comes from Dwight’s Grandpa Jerup. He played this on fiddle; he never learned it on the buttonbox because his button box was in the wrong keys. From the album “80,” Missouri Valley Music, 2015.


Players: Dwight Lamb, diatonic accordion; Mette Jensen, chromatic accordion; Christian Bugge, fiddle

Dwight Lamb (diatonic accordion), Mette Jensen (chromatic accordion) and Christian Bugge (fiddle) played this polka at a show in the Danish Brotherhood hall in Viborg, SD in June, 2013. Recorded by David Cavins.

Heel and Toe Polka

Players: Carol Hascall, fiddle; Don Carricker, guitar; Joyce Carricker, bass

From “Now That’s A Good Tune:” Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling (University of Missouri Cultural Heritage Center, 1989; Voyager Records reissue, 2010). Recorded by Amy Skillman December 11, 1987 at Carol Hascall’s home in Independence, Missouri.

That Good Tune in A

Players: Bob Walters, fiddle; Lynn Holsclaw, electric guitar