Iberia Breakdown

Players: Bill Driver, fiddle; probably R.P Christeson, piano

R.P. Christeson collected this tune from Bill Driver in the late 1940s and included several of Driver’s tunes, including this one, in the “Old Time Fiddler’s Repertory.”


Players: Dwight Lamb, diatonic accordion; Mette Jensen, chromatic accordion; Christian Bugge, fiddle

Dwight Lamb (diatonic accordion), Mette Jensen (chromatic accordion) and Christian Bugge (fiddle) played this polka at a show in the Danish Brotherhood hall in Viborg, SD in June, 2013. Recorded by David Cavins.

Clark’s Waltz

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Elvin Campbell, guitar

Iowa State Folklorist David Brose recorded this tune while visiting with Dwight Lamb and Elvin Campbell in 1988.

Natchez Under the Hill

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Elvin Campbell, guitar

From “Old-Time Fiddle Classics,” a re-release of Dwight’s two LPs from the 1970s.

Monkey in the Dog Cart

Players: Jim Herd, fiddle; Laura Smith, banjo; Vivian Williams, guitar; Phil Williams, bass

Recorded by Phil Williams at a jam session at Weiser, ID, during the week-long National Contest. Included on the “Play me something Quick and Devilish” CD. Courtesy Voyager Records.

Isabelle Waltz

Players: Warren Helton, fiddle; Howard Marshall, banjo; David Cavins, guitar

Warren’s father, Vernon Helton, often played this at dances in Brinktown; the tune is related to an untitled central Missouri melody called “Kemp’s Waltz,” or “Norma Lou’s Waltz.” Recorded by David Cavins. Included on the “Play Me Something Quick and Devilish” CD.

Golden Eagle Hornpipe

Players: George Morris, fiddle; Dan Foster, accordion

From a 1955 recording. Included on the “Play Me Something Quick and Devilish” accompanying CD. Courtesy Charlie Walden.

Fever in the South

Players: Jim Lansford, fiddle; Kim Lansford, keyboard.

Recorded at a dance in Columbia, MO, 2008.

St. Anne’s Reel

Players: Travis inman, fiddle; Charlie Walden, guitar; Patt Plunkett, piano

A tune from Canadian fiddler Joseph Allard, learned from a Tommy Jackson record. From Travis’ CD “Missouri Fiddler” available on the Voyager Records label.