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Kenny Applebee

Mexico, MO

Portrait of Carol Hascall

Carol Hascall

Polk County, Missouri

Elvin Campbell poses with his fiddle wearing engineer-striped bib overalls.

Elvin Campbell

Hooper, NE

Tolbert “Pete” Stinnett

Oregon, Missouri

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Goldie Walters

Tekemah, NE

Upper body shot of Lena in a studio setting with her guitar on her lap

Lena Hughes

Ludlow, Missouri

Upper body shot of Alvie in a field with a dreadnought guitar

Alvie Dooms

Ava, Missouri

Bill Katon holds his fiddle wearing a jacket and fedora.

Bill Katon

Callaway County, Missouri

Bill Driver stands holding his fiddle in front of a brick wall.

Bill Driver

Miller County, Missouri

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Warren Helton

Vienna, Missouri