Two New CDs From Dwight Lamb

Dwight Lamb and friends have released a pair of exciting new recordings. The first is “Danish Melodies in America,” a disc featuring Dwight’s unique Danish accordion repetoire, and the second, “Old-Time Fiddle Classics,” re-releases a pair of classic LPs which feature Dwight at the height of his powers as a contest fiddler.

Accordion Tunes: Danish Melodies in America

On the heels of a recent tour of Denmark with his accordion, Dwight Lamb has released a new album of Danish accordion music from the heart of the prairie.

Lively vintage recordings of his grandfather join Dwight’s own recordings of “Dane tunes” he learned as a boy. Also included are rare recordings of Dwight with his mentor, Bob Walters, playing acrobatic fiddle and accordion duets, and a special visit from new friends and well-known Danish traditional musicians, Mette Jensen and Kristian Bugge, playing one of Dwight’s great-grandfather’s tunes.

A century ago, the flourishing community of Danish immigrants in western Iowa danced to these lively button box tunes; now they can be enjoyed all over the world.

Old-Time Fiddle Classics in the Missouri Valley Style

This CD collects two LPs, Old-Time Fiddlin’ Left Handed Style 1 and 2, recorded in 1968 and 1972, by the unstoppable duo of Dwight Lamb and Elvin Campbell. Dwight contributes intricate and fascinating fiddle, and Elvin brings graceful, rock-solid guitar backup. The two longtime friends, both masters of their instruments, power through a passel of the best tunes from Missouri Valley old-time fiddle contests and local dances. This crisp, powerful music is as addictive to listen to as it is to play.

Comin’ Down From Denver

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Elvin Campbell, guitar

From the LP “Old-Time Fiddlin’ Left-Handed Style” (1970).

Natchez Under the Hill

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Elvin Campbell, guitar

From “Old-Time Fiddle Classics,” a re-release of Dwight’s two LPs from the 1970s.

Both CDs are available from Missouri Valley Music at 511 South Pleasant St., Canton, South Dakota 57013, or via e-mail.