Chase the Rabbit

Common in central Missouri.Good for intermediate dancers

Call Explanation
Couple 1, balance and swing
Chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel, chase that pretty girl round the world (alternate call: lady around two and the gent falls through, gent round two and the lady drop through) Gent 1 drops hands with his lady, then falls in line behind her, single file. She walks around couple two, he follows, but drops between couple number two to take the lead. He’s now ahead of her;  he continues around the couple again.  This time, he goes around both, while the lady drops between the couple to meet him in the center, where they join hands and….
Circle up four Pick up couple 2 to circle four, to the left, halfway around.
Do-si-do. Can also be called as follows: right to your partner (all the way around), and left to your opposite (all the way around), and right to your partner (all the way around), swing your corner, then swing your own. This can be called a do-si-do, but is a couple figure as described.
Couple 1, on to the next Couple one repeats the figure with couples 3 and 4, then
Break  A “break” is performed between repetitions of the figure.  After the break, the figure will repeat, starting with the second couple, then another break, then the third, and so on.