Halfway up and Halfway back

Common in southern Missouri. A variety of two-couple figures can be substituted or added by individual callers, but this is the basic version. Good for beginners.

Call Explanation
Couples one and three, balance and swing Each couple swings in place.
Halfway up and halfway back The two couples walk forward to the middle of the square, then backward to where they started.
Do-si-do (can also be called as follows: right to your opposite (all the way around), and left to your own (all the way around), and right to your opposite, swing your own.) This is also sometimes called a do-si-do or Texas do-si-do, but is a couple figure as described.
Two couples do-si-do Either in ballroom position or promenade position, two couples do a do-si-do as a unit.
Break  A “break” is performed between repetitions of the figure.  After the break, the figure will repeat, starting with the side couples (2 and 4).