Opposite by the Right (The Wendy)

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In a square dance, your partner, corner and opposites are important to you.

Most folks call this “opposite by the right”, but we call it The Wendy, in honor of our friend Wendy Brumbaugh, a musician and dancer from Shelby County, MO who, along with her dad, Wendell, calls this dance often.


  • Your opposite is the dancer directly across the set from you (usually dancing as the other gender). So, if you are gent #1, lady #3 is your opposite.
  • This is a progressive dance, meaning that each time through the figure, you’ll be dancing with a new partner.
  • Couples one and three are head couples.
  • Couples two and four are side couples.

Common in Northeast Missouri. Good for beginners.

Call Explanation
Head couples, balance & swing Couples one and three balance and swing.
Halfway up and halfway back Couples one and three take a few steps into the square toward each other, then back up to where they started.
Opposite by the right (Head couples only) Right-hand turn with your opposite all the way around
Partner by the left (Head couples only) Left-hand turn with your partner all the way around.
Corner by the right (Everyone is dancing now!) Right-hand turn with your corner.
Partner by the left Left-hand turn with your partner.
Run away with the corner girl Swing your corner, then promenade to the gents’ home places. You should have a new partner; lady #1 should now be dancing with gent #2 and so on.
Repeat four times with the head couples leading the figure. Then, if everything has worked out right, you should be back with your original partner again and be ready for a break.
Break  A “break” is performed between repetitions of the figure.  After the break, the figure will repeat, starting with the side couples, then another break, and so on.

See it in action