Split the Ring

Common throughout the state, with many variations. Good for beginners. Can be danced with five couples (or more).

Call Explanation
Couple number one, balance and swing
Split the ring, lady go left and the gent go right Couple 1 walks between couple 3, crosses paths and goes home
Everybody do-si-do your partner or pass the partner by & do si do corner
Right to your partner
Run away with your corner girl 


Everyone swings their corner then promenades with the one they swung back to the gent’s place. Dancers keep this new partner for the next time through the dance. 

A “break” is performed between repetitions of the figure.  After the break, the figure will repeat, starting with the second couple, then another break, then the third, and so on.

Variation: first time, in to the center and cut off six (couple 1 goes between couple 3), second time in to the center and cut off four (couple 1 goes between couples 3 and 2 on the right and between couples 3 and 4 on the left), third time, in to the center and cut off two (couple 1 splits couples 2 and 4).