Swing on the Outsides, Insides, too

Common in southern and central Missouri. Good for intermediate dancers.

Call Explanation
Head couples balance and swing
Halfway up and halfway back Head couples go forward to the center and back
Pass through. Lady go right and the gent go left Both couples come forward, walk between each other, split and head around the outside of the circle. They will meet their opposites standing behind couples 2 and 4.
Swing on the outsides, insides too. Gents 1 and 3 swing their opposites on the outsides, behind the side couples, while the side couples move forward and swing their opposites.
Everybody home, and swing your own. Head couples keep going in the same direction as before, so they meet at home and swing their own. Side couples are home after the opposite swing and swing their own.
Break  A “break” is performed between repetitions of the figure.  After the break, the figure will repeat, starting with the side couple this time.