Push Ma, Shove Pa

A simple dance, but not especially good for beginners, because it’s dependent on couple numbers, and the dancers’ “homes” move constantly.  The kids and teenagers at the Hallsville dance love this one and tend to be rather….vigorous with the pushing and shoving.

Call Explanation
Couple number one, balance and swing
Halfway up and halfway back Couple one only walks to the center of the square and back as a couple
Couple one around one and push ma, shove pa Couple 1 walks between couple 3, gent to the left and lady to the right past one person until they’re behind the next person, which will be Gent 4 for the gent and Lady 2 for the lady. Each member of couple one gives the person in front of them a (hopefully gentle) push, and those folks walk into the middle of the square
Swing in the center The recently-pushed couple (Lady 2 and Gent 4) swing in the center, then go home to the hole left by couple one.
Same old gent and a brand new girl Gent 1 swings his current lady (Lady 4), and the figure begins again
The figure is repeated three times, which brings everyone back to their original partner, then a break is performed