Bill Cheatham

Players: Cleo Persinger, fiddle; John Hartford, banjo; Marvin Hawthorne, guitar

From a recording made by John Hartford March 29, 1961 at Midway, Missouri.

Bill Driver Tune

Players: Warren Helton, fiddle; David Cavins, guitar

Recorded March 27, 2011 at Warren Helton’s home in Vienna, Missouri by David Cavins.

Billy in the Lowground

Players: Casey Jones, fiddle; Jake Hughes, guitar; Lena Hughes, banjo

Billy in the Lowground

Players: John White, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, banjo; David Cavins, guitar

John’s unique version came from his grandfather Thurman Fields. John says he was quite young when he learned it, and did not get the melody quite like his grandpa played it, but that it is a good example of his bowing style, which John still uses for square dance tunes.

Included on the 2017 CD “A Little Further Down the Road.”

Clyde Durst’s Tune

Players: Cyril Stinnett, fiddle; Jake Hughes, guitar; Lena Hughes, banjo

From the home recordings of Dwight Lamb. Clyde Durst was a fiddler Dwight knew while growing up in northwest Iowa.

Comin’ Down From Denver

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Elvin Campbell, guitar

From the LP “Old-Time Fiddlin’ Left-Handed Style” (1970).

Duncan’s Reel

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Lynn Holsclaw, guitar

From the Rounder CD “Hell Agin the Barn Door” (2005).

Eighth of January

Players: John White, fiddle; Jim Ruth, banjo; David Cavins, guitar

Recorded January 6, 2012 at the Columbia, Missouri contra dance, out of Sam Griffin’s PA.

Eighth of January

Players: Leroy Canaday, fiddle; Norman Canaday, guitar; Howard Marshall, banjo; Forrest Rose, bass

This recording comes from the CD “Old Dan Tucker Was a Fine Old Man” produced by Voyager Records.

Eighth of January

Players: Bob Walters, fiddle

Bob Walters recorded this tune in Nebraska and sent it to Dwight Lamb who was stationed in France with the U.S. Army at the time.