Flop Old Turkey Buzzard

Players: Bob Holt, fiddle; Alvie Dooms, guitar

From “Got a Little Home to Go To” (Rounder Records, 1998)

Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe

Players: John White, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, accordion; David Cavins, guitar

Learned from the Old Time Fiddler’s Repertory, from a transcription from the playing of Vee Latty of Fulton, MO, and from hearing a fiddler named Charlie Dalton play it. This tune is played by other mid-Missouri fiddlers as well, but John’s unique bowing makes the high part a bit magical.

Included on the 2017 CD “A Little Further Down the Road.”

Billy in the Lowground

Players: John White, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, banjo; David Cavins, guitar

John’s unique version came from his grandfather Thurman Fields. John says he was quite young when he learned it, and did not get the melody quite like his grandpa played it, but that it is a good example of his bowing style, which John still uses for square dance tunes.

Included on the 2017 CD “A Little Further Down the Road.”

Over the Waves

Players: John White, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, pump organ; David Cavins, guitar

“Sobre Las Olas” was the original Spanish-language title of Over The Waves, a waltz written by Juventino Rosas in 1888. It’s become a chestnut in fiddle repertoires of all sorts and remains a very popular waltz at dances today. John learned this from his mother, Lucille White, early in his fiddle playing days.

Included on the 2017 CD “A Little Further Down the Road.”

Chris Jerup’s Polka in G and D

Players: Dwight Lamb, fiddle; Nate Kemperman, fiddle; Amber Gaddy, pump organ; David Cavins, tenor banjo

This tune comes from Dwight’s Grandpa Jerup. He played this on fiddle; he never learned it on the buttonbox because his button box was in the wrong keys. From the album “80,” Missouri Valley Music, 2015.

Bill Gray’s Dubuque

Players: Dwight Lamb & Nate Kemperman, fiddles; David Cavins, guitar.

Dwight Lamb teaches Nate Kemperman an unusual version of a common Midwestern tune, Dubuque.  Dwight learned this version from the playing of his father, Clarence Lamb, but he mentions that it’s Bill Gray’s version–Bill Gray, a contemporary of Dwight’s father, was a well-known fiddler in the Loess Hills near Dwight’s boyhood home. Recorded at Dwight’s house in Onawa, Iowa, October 18, 2014.

Hi-Lo Schottische

Players: John White, fiddle; Kenny Applebee, guitar; Kathy Gordon, bass; Howard Marshall, banjo; Musial Wolfe, piano

From “Nine Miles of Dry and Dusty” (Voyager Records VRCD372, 2007)

Bill Driver Tune

Players: Warren Helton, fiddle; David Cavins, guitar

Recorded March 27, 2011 at Warren Helton’s home in Vienna, Missouri by David Cavins.


Players: Billy Lee, fiddle; Vera Blum, electric bass; Howard Marshall, banjo; Phil Peters, guitar

From “Play Me Something Quick and Devilish” (Voyager Records companion CD, 2012).

Heel and Toe Polka

Players: Carol Hascall, fiddle; Don Carricker, guitar; Joyce Carricker, bass

From “Now That’s A Good Tune:” Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling (University of Missouri Cultural Heritage Center, 1989; Voyager Records reissue, 2010). Recorded by Amy Skillman December 11, 1987 at Carol Hascall’s home in Independence, Missouri.